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Tweets and Eats: Using social media to promote your food site

If you were asked to take a picture with a giant pizza what would you say? If you were then asked to upload it to twitter would you? Obviously my response was of course, but not everyone has that same mentality. So what makes companies like grubHub use crazy tactics, like having someone parade around in a giant pizza costume, to generate more buzz about their business? Do the few of us that are willing to tweet pics like the one below make up for all the people that won’t?

grubHub isn’t the only company using social media to try and make people more aware of their business or product. A few months ago it was Sundrop, and next week it’ll be someone else. So it must be working right? Well according to Daily Infographic it depends on the type of business. For grubHub it may not be such a profitable choice. Only 3% of media users regularly turn to social media when eating out. However, this survey was done in 2010, and a lot can change in three years.

What do you use social media for?

According to a more recent infographic, consumers are spending more time online (46%) reading about food than they are reading about it in print (31%). So how can food sites stand out and be remembered, without being a nuisance to the consumer? Social media can work to your advantage if you don’t over use it. No one likes constant updates on their timeline or their twitter feed, so heres how to find a balance.

Social Media Techniques for Food Sites

  • Be a little different. The pizza costume may work in a college town to create buzz, but its not going to work everywhere. Cater to your market and you will be more likely to increase your customer base.
  • Try new forms of social media. Creating a Pinterest for your restaurant will encourage customers to take pictures of your food and upload it. This can only be a positive when your food looks mouthwateringly good once its been instagramed with a special filter.
  • Offer promotions. The whole point of social media is that the consumer is allowed to participate. Places like Georgetown Cupcakes offer special deals to their followers. They promote their secret flavor of the day as well as offer a free dozen to someone who can answer their trivia question.
  • Be interesting. Think of clever tweets that will get people interested to learn what you have to say. Try tweeting random facts about your business or product that consumer will want to read.

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